Once upon a time is not a name chosen at random ..... it is what we were at the same time the beginning of our story . It opened in 2012 Once upon a time , family- run hotel located in the four owners a long experience in the restaurant which dates back to the eighties .

Sergio , Roberta , Francesco and Tiziana two pairs of husband and wife , pour their knowledge and decades of experience in the field , using local , high-quality raw materials combined with a thorough search of recipes and respect for tradition .


Our dough is made only from raw materials of plant origin , olive oil , water, yeast , sea salt and flour with a high protein value . These ingredients cleverly combined for aging and to give the pizza a sourdough flavor and lightness. Were the pleasure for the taste and quality to guide us in the choice of products .


There was once located on the west bank of the lake Trasimeno has a large car park , consisting of several rooms on the ground floor, furnished in a sober and simple style it is also easily accessible for disabled . In summer you can eat outside on the veranda , all this means that the There is a blend of sophistication and simplicity . He is known in the area for its excellent grilled meats and its rich lake fish menu .

Fish cooked according to old recipes handed down from generation to generation, and enriched with new ideas of our cooks Roberta and Tiziana . Another "workhorse " of the There is much appreciated by our customers pizzeria.


Via Trasimeno I numero 23 (zona Rigutini)

06061 Castiglione del Lago(PG)

Phone:075 965 9197


Open from 12:30 to 15:30 and in the afternoon from 19:30 to 23:00

Tuesday closing day